Executive Search and Liftout Specialists

Our Team

The members of our Project Team have had a working relationship dating back to 2004. Our accomplishments have been a collective effort. By any measure, the reliability and consistency of our team is an exception to industry norms. We all have areas of specialization, be it project management, research, client/candidate interface, etc. All members of our team are highly incented by our collective success, thereby encouraging a collegial work ethic and willingness to do whatever necessary to meet client expectations.

We believe that keeping the size of our firm limited is an advantage to our clients. Without sacrificing competence, clients benefit from an environment encouraging individual responsibility and team collaboration. Our commitment to undertaking a limited number of searches simultaneously enhances client and candidate satisfaction.

On behalf of our clients, our team has successfully completed multi-person equity / fixed income lift outs and individual searches for CIO, Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst and Sales roles. Liftout projects have spanned most asset classes. In all cases that we have client consent, we consider both    liftouts and acquisitions as a solution. As part of the project search process our team has dealt with complex Visa issues, relocations (U.S. and International), employment encumbrances and the confidentiality nuances of replacing existing teams. None of our successful projects have resulted in litigation. 


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